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    Título [BEAUTY TIP] Smart ways to handle your skin pores
    Nombre JOLSE (ip:)
    • Fecha 2018-07-09 14:51:55
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    < Smart ways to handle your skin pores >

    Skin pore means the hole that your body hair comes out and it is connected to your sebaceous gland where sebum is secreted.

    Muscles are essential for your body to contracts and relax, but around your skin pores,

    there is no muscle that will open and close your skin pore,

    hence once your skin pores expand, it is really hard to shrink back.

    It is important that you consistently care your skin pore, there is no shortcut.

    Now then, why is your skin pore expanding?

    1. Skin aging

    As the amount of collagen in your skin decrease, your skin will be less elastic and weaker, not able to support your skin pore.

    2. Excess sebum secretion

    As the amount of sebum secretion increases, there is a chance that skin impurities would block the path, resulting in widening the skin pores.

    => That's why you have more concerns with the skin pore during summer when the sebum secretion is increased.

    Let's check the tips about your skin pore care.

    Tip 1. Meticulous cleansing.

    These days there are lots of fine dust, deep cleansing is essential.

    Even if you don't put makeup, sweat, dust, and skin impurities may block the skin pore causing blackheads. :(

    Carefully cleanse your face in order of amount of sebum secreted, which is forehead->nose->chin->cheek.

    Tip 2. Oil/water balance.

    Insufficient water may cause excess oil secretion.

    Either use mask pack or drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.

    If you feel your face is too oily, either use clay-mask pack once or twice in a week or use products which contain

    AHA or BHA that takes care of your dead skin cells and other impurities.

    Tip 3. UV protection

    Collagen and elastin which support your skin pore get hugely affected by the UV rays.

    You must use sunscreen products to protect your skin.

    As the temperature increases by 2 degree-Celcius, your skin pore expands by 1.5 times,

    so it is important to keep your skin temperature to (30~32 degree-Celcius).

    If your skin seems to be over-heated, try using the cooling pack to reduce the skin temperature.

    The deep cleansing product, oil/water balancing skin care, sunscreens,

    all of those are the simple and easy method to improve your skin pores.

    Would be nice to find out best matching products for your skin at JOLSE.

    Summer is an unfavorable season for the skin pore,

    but hope you guys read this beauty tip and find a smart way to treat your concerns with skin pore.

    See you again with different topic next time!

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