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    Título [BEAUTY TIP] whitehead pimples A to Z
    Nombre JOLSE (ip:)
    • Fecha 2018-06-08 18:25:49
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    What are whitehead pimples?

    Whitehead pimples occur when dead skin cells and impurities block the skin pore while excess sebum is secreted.

    Excess sebum in the skin pore forms small grains and raises above the skin surface,

    or stress, irregular sleeping pattern, imbalanced oil/skin ratio and other various reasons.

    Unless you treat the whiteheads in the early stage, as the excess sebum will rise above the skin surface and result in oxidation.

    If you leave it for a long time, infection or inflammation may occur and whiteheads can be developed into purulent acne.

    How to treat and prevent?

    1. Cleansing

    Tiny particles of microdust stick to your skin and very hard to remove.

    Also, women may have makeup residue on the skin and cause skin trouble, so it is very important that you cleanse not only the dead skin cells but also sebum and other impurities perfectly.

    Especially for the T-Zone area, you need a extra care while cleansing to prevent the proliferation of whitehead pimples.

    2. Oil/Water Balance

    Proper oil/water balance of the skin forms a strong skin barrier that keeps the skin healthy from any stress.

    A skin lack of moisture tends to be flaky and secrete more oils.

    Applying oily product on the dry skin can stimulate the sebum secretion, so it is wise to diagnose your skin status first then apply the right treatment.


    Insufficient moisture -> Focus on hydrating your skin rather than cleaning oils

    Insufficient oil -> Supply both moisture and oil to strengthen the skin barrier to prevent evaporation.

    3. How to treat the skin flakes.

    A Nose pack is the most common way to remove sebum but it can irritate your skin since it physically sticks to remove the sebum rather than melting it softly.

    Especially if you force to remove the whitehead pimples you can damage your skin.

    Hence it is better to pick the right products such as AHA or BHA to minimize the skin irritation.

    AHA -> Effectively removes the dead skin cells and moisturizes your skin suitable for the dry skin type.

    BHA -> Anti-inflammation and soothing effect that softly melts the dead skin cells and other impurities suitable for the oily skin type and acne-prone skin type.

    Useful information for those who are concerned about whitehead pimples.

    Good tips for cleansing or usage of other cosmetic products that you can apply right away.

    If you have an issue with whitehead pimples, through this beauty tip you may diagnose what the problem is and find the solution to obtain beautiful skin.

    Now then, see you next time with another beauty tip.

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