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    Título MD's Pick - Must buy item for this summer
    Nombre JOLSE (ip:)
    • Fecha 2018-07-23 14:38:11
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    Strong sunlight and bursting sweat and oils!

    And whenever you go play in the water, you would soon become a panda and your lips turn pale white. :(

    The consistency of the make during summer is the topic that everyone needs to think.

    So today I prepared the all-day lasting strong proof items.

    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Slim Liner 2.5g

    Looks like a liquid eyeliner, but it has hard marker type tip.

    Facilitated easy delicate touch, even if you're not so professional at makeup, you can easily use.

    Liquid liner often has artificial and unnatural shines that some of you may not like,

    this product hardly has any sheen, presenting a natural line!

    Etude House Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner

    5mm thin gel pencil liner allows you to draw delicate eyeliner.

    Smoothly spreading and gel texture softly adheres around your eyes without irritation

    Daily brown color and pink, purple mint and other point colors enable your gorgeous point makeup.

    But, you must keep that in mind, due to the property of the texture,

    you can not put the contents back in, you must take the right amount to use.

    ETUDE HOUSE Dual Wide Eyes Mascara 8.5g

    The original Curl&Fix Mascara is well known for its outstanding quality, ETUDE HOUSE recently launched the new version.

    Dual type mascara that will extend the eyelash not only upper and underside, but also the front and the back.

    Thick applicator tends to have difficulty when applying on the under lash but with this dual product,

    you do not need to think which mascara to choose anymore!

    Fine and high-density brush presents rich eyelash and outstanding curling and fixing would highlight your eyes.

    peripera Ink The Gelato 3.5g

    Combined wonder tint and lacquer tint created a unique viscous gel-mousse texture.

    Smooth and light first touch and impressive soft and smooth finish.

    peripera is well known for its vivid color, this item also has outstanding consistency and quality.

    Consist of colors suitable for the spring and the summer brought #1 and #3 that will make your face brilliant for this hot summer.

    How did you like today's topic?

    The consistency of the base makeup can be improved by using a primer and a fixer,

    but for the color makeups, consistency is an important factor to concern.

    If you have an issue with easy breaking makeup,

    I will give you the link of the products I've introduced today, so I recommend you check them out.

    Hope you get through this hot summer well! See you next time with another topic!

    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Slim Liner 2.5g

    MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Slim Liner 2.5g

    Etude House Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner

    Etude House Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner

    ETUDE HOUSE Dual Wide Eyes Mascara 8.5g

    ETUDE HOUSE Dual Wide Eyes Mascara 8.5g

    peripera Ink The Gelato 3.5g

    peripera Ink The Gelato 3.5g

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