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    Título [BEAUTY TIP] Guide to Sunscreen
    Nombre JOLSE (ip:)
    • Fecha 2018-05-14 10:07:58
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    <How to pick/use sunscreen products>

    Firstly, there are two things you can check o the case.

    PA and SPF.

    What is PA(Protection grade of UVA)?

    UV light can be divided into UVA and UVB. UVA is what accelerates aging. UVA causes wrinkles and aging, PA is the measurement of the protection grade of UVA.

    If you look at a sunscreen case you can see a sign 'pa+++' and more the '+' sign better the protection.

    What is SPF (Sun Protection Factor)?

    SPF is the Sun Protection Factor of UVB. UVB causes skin pigmentation or skin infections. UVB even causes skin cancer.

    Therefore it is very important you carefully check the SPF.

    In general, on the sunscreen case SPF20, SPF30, SPF50 and etc should be written on it.

    You can protect your skin from the UV light for 20 minutes per SPF1.

    Recommending PA++ for everyday life and PA+++ for outdoor activities.

    Another important point you need check is if it is chemical sunscreen or mineral sunscreen.

    Chemical sunscreens absorb UV light then release them through a chemical reaction.

    Mineral sunscreens create a protecting barrier on the skin layer, reflecting the UV light and preventing UV light from touching the skin.

    Recommending SPF20~30 for everyday life and SPF50 for outdoor activities.

    These days there are many chemical/mineral combination products, so hope you pick your sunscreen wisely.

    TIP !

    Q : Do I have to use sunscreen in winter?

    A : Sunscreen is a 365 everyday essential item.

    UVA which directly affects skin aging is very strong during winter as well.

    UVA has a longer wavelength than the UVB, which what we generally think as summer UV light, so they can pass through the skin deeper and directly causes skin aging.

    In other words, exposure to UVA fastens skin aging and causes freckles and blemishes.

    You shouldn't skip applying the sunscreen anymore!

    Now check the today's JOLSE beauty tip and perfectly block the UV light and protect your healthy skin!

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