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    Título [BEAUTY TIP] Cleansing Routine
    Nombre JOLSE (ip:)
    • Fecha 2018-04-23 14:03:33
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    If you want to have a clean and pure skin, you should start from cleansing meticulously.

    Removing makeup is as important as putting a makeup.

    If you do not cleanse carefully, dead skin cells would accumulate,

    causing skin trouble and harming the skin.

    Also even if you use expensive ampoules or nourishing cream, those products won't be able

    to deliver the moisture and nutrition and very hard to find any huge improvements.

    So, proper cleansing would bring a dramatic change to your skin.

    Now let's find out how to properly cleanse.

    Knowing your own skin type and use the cleansing products matching your skin type.

    The types of cleansing products are water, oil, cream, tissue, and blam.

    Water type cleanser for oily and combination skin type.

    Oil or balm type cleanser for dry and normal skin type.

    If you need special care for dead skin cells or other impurities, you can use mousse mask type

    or cleansing scrub bar products is a method as well.

    For eyes and lips where the skin tissues are the thinnet, but you need to remove

    heavy color makeups, try using lip & eye remover to minimize touches required

    for cleansing and reduce the stress.

    If you have an extremely oily skin, it is better to cleanse with water only instead of

    using other foam cleansers or soaps.

    Naturally secreted sebum over the night forms a natural protection that keeps your skin most,

    and is not necessary to remove.

    If you don't find it comfortable washing with water only,

    using mild weak acidic cleanser is a good method as well.

    Do you know that if you've applied BB, foundation or even sunscreen, it is essential to cleanse twice?

    You can first remove the makeup using water, oil, gel, cream or balm products then cleanse

    again with a foam cleanser.

    Our hands have germs, dust and other impurities you need to wash your hands prior to cleansing.

    After washing hands, place cotton pads wetted with lip & eye remover

    and after a short period time delicately remove the point makeup.

    Use oil, water, and cream which can melt makeups, proceed your first cleaning.

    Using cleansing foam take a special care for T-zone where the oil and sebum secretion is active,

    and U-zone where the impurities easily adhere, then finish your second cleansing.

    Does it give you an idea about proper cleasning mathod?

    Hope it was a time for you to learn about the cleansing which is the very first

    and last step of the skin care.

    Now find the cleansing products that match you.

    See you next time~

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